The Daily (Weekly) – July 1st

Welcome back! this week I kicked up the amount of work I got done, though once again Monday didn’t have much time outside of classes to really do much, With that ‘not much’ being the addition of audio to the World Builders projects’ pre-vis.


Speaking of the World Builders Project, I managed to get a smaller item done in the form of tweaking the extension scene from last week, though I also started to continue work on the plane model, and I hope to get it completed by next week.

View the tweaked extension scene Here


Wednesday is when the World Builders pre-vis (Now with audio and updated scenes) came together in a final edit before the the version to be screened began construction.

View the final pre-vis Here


On thursday, I tweaked and re-animated the placeholder character as per feedback from team members in my final project…. project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


On the last day of the weekly roundup, I did two things – A quick and unpolished attack animation, and a sculpted rock (At least an attempt). The rock itself was somewhat enjoyable to sculpt and didn’t use an awful variety of tools, primarily Flatten, Knife and Imprint, with a few of the image based brushes for finer details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thats it for this week! Be sure to check back next Saturday for the next Daily (Weekly)!


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