The Daily (Weekly): July 8th

Breaking a few trends this week, I was able to something each day, but that something was for a single project – World Builders.

During the week I worked on my plane model that was to be used in my scene – with it needing some modelling, unwrapping and textures in preparation for animation. since the week itself was dedicated to this single project, the standard day-by-day format will be absent.

So, how did the work on the plane progress over the week?


Work began and the base mesh i had created weeks ago was now being worked on. While mondays would normally see little work, this time around I was able to use class dedicated time to work on the plane, and got a fair amount of work into vastly improving how it looked.


On the Tuesday, I did manage to do a little cleanup though, making the windows a bit sharper, making the wingspan slightly wider and fixing a few visual errors


As Wednesday came I was stuck thinking of ways to make the plane look more detailed. I ended up copy-pasting select polygons into new elements, one for a Door and two on the front of the plane around where the engine would be.


Thursday began, and I cleaned up and tweaked the new entities on the plane, removing some minor issues and improving the general shape. Once more I increased the wingspan and tweaked the rear landing gear. I also added some rivets to the lower front engine bay access thing for just a bit more detail before texturing began on Friday.


And now, Textures. By the end of Friday, I had unwrapped, baked normal maps and textured the plane in Quixel, experimenting with hand painting masks for a paint layer and a dirt layer. I think it is one of the better textures I have created, albeit lacking some polish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course there are some tweaks before animating and editing the scenes that feature this model, But you (And I) will have to wait until next week.


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