The Daily (Weekly): July 15th

Monday had arrived. Tuesday was scheduled to be the first screening of the World Builders project. So on Monday, and the first half of Tuesday, I was busy importing my plane and the stone into the team’s’ Unreal Engine 4 environment. once it was ready, I made tweaks specific to my shots and started animating the plane and camera. Once that was done, all of the footage our team had created needed to be edited together, so we all opened up Adobe After effects, adding sounds and some smaller tweaks.

The screening commenced and the work was well received, with there being few issues to fix, and some noticeable ways to improve upon it.

On friday, I finished up tweaking my shots, and had prepared the final edit of our team’s teaser trailer for the last screening on monday

Here is the final product.

The rest of the week was spent on work for Sol Ensis, designing a basic enemy character and tweaking animations for them. There was also a new attack animation.

Thats all for this week, See you the end of the next!


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