PBR Specialisation – Post Mortem

Time has passed, and the project is complete! how did it go?

The Grenade Tutorial

the Chamfer Zone tutorial went without a hitch, and I learnt quite a lot about the intricacies of substance painter, going into such detail as to add finger prints.

The only small issue that came about where since the tutorial is over a year old now, Substance has changed so that baked ID maps no longer bake floaters as a separate ID, so I had to get around this by adding a Paint layer and painting with a new text tool recently introduced.

I am really happy with how the grenade turned out. Even if it was a tutorial peice, I was amazed how (relatively) simple it was to get such detail out of a 2048×2048 texture.

The (gas) Mask

I am overwhelmingly happy with how this turned out, and how smoothly it went. I didn’t really encounter issues in this project as a whole. Still does not mean there were things to learn from and take from the experience.

Using my research and what I learned from the ChamferZone tutorial, I thought to experiment a little bit with the smaller details. On the helmet, I made a few Paint layers, and turned off all mapping channels except for Height. This meant that I could create pressed text or symbols in the metal, and any generated masks would create their appropriate effects based on the new Height/Normal information.

I did a similar effect on the Hard plastic of the mask itself, this time creating a crack in the plastic. However, rather than using standard brushes and text features, I used a particle brush designed to create cracks in glass. Adjusting a few parameters gave it a softer effect, to replicate the less brittle characteristics of the hard plastic in relation to glass.

One thing I do wish I had tried was toying with emission. One of the reference images was a picture of a Ranger Veteran Helmet from Fallout New Vegas. The goggles/Visor on the helmet glows red, and I wanted to have a go at something similar with the gas mask, though I ended up leaving it out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, I am so happy with the outcome of this project, though I do wish i had the time to do more. Thanks to the project changing some time after it began. I had planned to texture the Type 41 mountain gun, but due to the lost time, as minute in the big picture it was, meant that I could not do it.

One very positive side effect this project has had is as very, Very large boost to my self confidence. I am aiming to do at least 1 or 2 models each week from now on if time allows. Not only would these be hard surface models, But also soft surface characters. And to experiment, a stylistic focus will be used for the purpose of finding a style that will suit a game I am working on called Sol Ensis. So far proportions, Animation and colours are fairly set in stone, but textures are still being toyed with.

With the experience and knowledge I have gained from this project, I am very excited to keep up momentum and texture stylised characters and props in Substance Painter.


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