About Me

Me, Myself and I

I am a professional in training, currently  attending a bachelor in Animation, with the overarching goal of entering the games industry as a 3D modeler.

when I became interested in 3D art could be as far back as the first time i played a 3D video game, but I think a clearer  point in time was in 2013, when I attended a Cert III in Media. My work wasn’t very good, and the textures were utter garbage, but i had found something i didn’t quite have before. A ‘sketchpad’. Before finding 3D more comfortable than drawing, i basically did some modeling at least every two days. As of now i have made about 50 different models. Of course being ‘sketches’ very, very few are textured, but more are rigged.

Only a year after i finished the certificate, i created the scene shown at the top of this page. topology isn’t great, and the designs themselves aren’t any better, but it was something. Even now, outside of university, i keep creating new things with the goal of improving.

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